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Most Attractive Investment Industries in Lithuania

Most Attractive Investment Industries in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the most appealing Baltic states in terms of investments thanks to its low costs of incorporating a company, but also due to several industries which attract a great number of foreign enterprisers annually.

While some investors know exactly the type of business they want to open and the Lithuanian industries they want to operate in, others are looking for possibilities and search for the right investment sector for them.

Below, our company formation agents have prepared a short guide on the most attractive investment industries in Lithuania.

1.The manufacturing industry in Lithuania

Manufacturing is the engine of the Lithuanian economy, as it represents the most developed industry in this country. The educated labor force, the infrastructure and the governmental support for companies in this sector make manufacturing one of the best industries to invest in Lithuania.

Lithuania is the second most appreciated manufacturing location at international level. The most important branches of the manufacturing industry are automotive and aircraft components.

2. Why invest in the services sector in Lithuania?

Another attractive investment industry in Lithuania is the services sector, which is represented by:

  • –          the services branch dedicated to companies in the financial and insurance industries;
  • –          the business services branch which caters to the needs of the IT industry in Lithuania;
  • –          the business services dedicated to international manufacturing companies operating here;
  • –          the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector which is employed by international companies.

Our company registration advisors in Lithuania can help foreign investors who want to open companies in one of these industries.

3.The high-tech industry in Lithuania

One of the emerging investment industries in Lithuania is represented by technology with a major focus on the high-tech sector. Foreign investors who want to invest in this industry can open Lithuanian companies in sub-sectors like:

  • –          financial technology;
  • –          cybersecurity;
  • –          information technology;
  • –          datacenter development;
  • –          gaming.

If you want to open a company in Lithuania and need guidance on the best industry to invest in, please contact our company formation consultants.