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Virtual Office in Lithuania

Virtual Office in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the three states with access to Baltic Sea and a member of the European Union since 2004. Moreover, in 2015, Lithuania became a member of the eurozone, as the euro became its national currency. Ever since, the country has followed an upward trend from an economic point of view and started attracting a greater number of foreign investors.

At the moment, the most important industries in Lithuania are tourism, agriculture, financial services and manufacturing. Foreign investors interested in opening companies in any of these industries must comply with several requirements, among which a Lithuanian legal address is mandatory. This address can successfully be achieved through a virtual office, offered by our Lithuanian company formation agents.

 Quick Facts  
  Virtual office – definition 

The virtual office in Lithuania represents a physical address for a business, where businessmen can benefit from the basic office-related services. 

Basic services offered by the virtual office


Businessmen can obtain mail and phone answering services, a business address and an office in a reputable location.  
Reasons to select the services of a virtual office 


 A flexible way to develop a business activity, having a professional business image, lower costs compared to a traditional office, obtaining all the basic services that are needed for a particular business.  
Who should choose the services of a virtual office in Hungary 

Businessmen who do not have a large capital to invest in the business, sole traders, freelancers, businessmen at the beginning of their carrier, and in general, all investors who want to obtain a business address in Lithuania. 

Types of virtual office spaces available  Individual office space, co-working space, separate meeting rooms. 
Virtual office staff available for businessmen 

The virtual office in Lithuania offers receptionists, virtual assistance, cleaning personnel, IT support, courier services. 

Costs advantages when selecting the virtual office

The virtual office has significant lower costs compared to a traditional office (the businessman will only have to pay a monthly fee, without any other financial obligations).  

Types of billing options
in Lithuania
Most offers for a virtual office in Lithuania are made as monthly packages. Yearly contracts are also available. 
The minimum cost per month for the services of virtual office  Minimum EUR 33 
The maximum cost per month for renting virtual offices The most complex packages can start from EUR 122 per month. 
Additional services that can be requested by businessmen  Local phone number redirected to your primary phone number, the usage of the meeting room, access to the lounge business network, etc.  
Modern means of communications included (yes/no)  Yes 
Meeting rooms available (yes/no)  Yes 
The right to meet with business partners/employees in the virtual office (yes/no)  Yes

Virtual office services in Lithuania

Our local consultants provide the following services through the virtual office packages in Lithuaniabusiness address services in Vilnius most appreciated business centers, mail collection and forwarding services at the address requested by the client, local phone number, which can include fax and voicemail services, call redirection services and bank statement pickup services.

Meeting rooms are also available for rent with previous notice. Our company formation consultants in Lithuania can also help foreign investors who want to register companies in this country. We can help you open a company in Lithuania following the basic incorporation procedure or we can provide legal representation during the process of buying a shelf company.

What are the costs for a virtual office in Lithuania?

By requesting the services of a virtual office, investors will considerably reduce the cost of their initial investments. Through the virtual office, foreign and local investors will avoid the high costs of renting an office space, and they will not have to worry about paying various utility costs associated with running the respective office

The fees charged for the services of a virtual office in Lithuania will basically vary based on the types of services that your business will require, as well as the location where the virtual office is situated. For offices which are located in the center of the city or those which are located in business building you can expect to pay a higher fee, compared to those who are situated in less expensive locations. 

There are numerous categories of prices that you can pay in this case, and in the list below you can find few highlights of the costs that you can pay when opting for a virtual office in Lithuania. If you need information on specific services and fees, please feel free to address to our team of consultants in Lithuania company formation:

  • • if you simply require a business address, which is compulsory when opening a company in Lithuania regardless of its type, you can pay minimum EUR 33 per month;
  • • if you want to benefit from the standard basic virtual office services, you can pay from EUR 90 per month;
  • • in the case you want to have the extended virtual office package, which includes additional services, you can pay a fee starting from EUR 122 per month;
  • • if you want to obtain additional services, such as having a private office, you will pay a fee of minimum EUR 178 per month;
  • • for the latter, please mind that the private office will be made available for several days a month, and in most cases, you can enjoy this service for 5 days a month.

Why choose a virtual office in Lithuania?

There are various reasons for which most of our clients choose to rent virtual offices in Lithuania. Perhaps one of the most important ones is the cheaper price for having an address in a well-known location in Vilnius. We mentioned above that the virtual office can be used as registered address upon the registration of a company here without any restrictions imposed by the Trade Register in Lithuania.

Besides the reasons that we have presented up until now, it is important to know that the virtual office provides a very flexible manner of doing business. One of its most attractive qualities, besides the very low monthly costs, is that it offers a great level of flexibility when signing a contract with a virtual office provider

By this we mean that you can sign a contract for only several months (the service can be also offered for a single month), which implies that the investor does not have to assume a long-term commitment, unless the person needs the space for a longer period of time. 

Even if you start with a contract of only one month or if the contract is signed for few months, you can always change the initial agreement, by adding supplementary services or renounce to services that you no longer need. You can also modify the period for which you need the contract, and by its expiration date, you can easily sign a new one. 

This is an important advantage for a wide category of businessmen, especially for those who are in the beginning stages of their business activity, when the level of uncertainty is higher and investors have to modify their plans based on the financial results of their activity. 

The virtual office also offers the advantage of being able to meet with business clients and partners in an official business environment, which can offer a high level of credibility to your business image. Given that you do not have to worry on matters regarding renting an officepurchase office suppliesoffice furniture and sign utility contracts, as all these are already provided when selecting the services of the virtual office, the investor will have the necessary time to invest in developing the company and establishing business partnerships. 


Over time, investors can have the possibility of growing their companies and then change it to a traditional office, if this will be necessary. However, for those who can develop a business remote and for those who begin their first small business, the virtual office provides only advantages that otherwise can be obtained.  

An additional advantage refers to the fact that the businessman will have the opportunity of hiring employees from across the world, as the company’s employees will not have to be present in the office on a daily basis. This is the ideal vehicle for those who develop online businesses and who provide services. If you want to hire local employees, please address to our specialists in company registration in Lithuania for advice on the employment regulations applicable here.  

The personalized services without requiring hiring employees for specific tasks is also an aspect to consider when choosing a Lithuanian virtual office instead of a traditional one. The virtual office packages offer by our company registration representatives in Lithuania are tailored to the needs of the client, therefore feel free to contact us anytime. We remind that we also offer company formation services in this country.

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